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We do not offer intrastate moves unless in California.

Moving is never easy. There are a lot of complications involved with a change of address. Sterling Van Lines has been the leading pioneer for 30 years in the moving industry and specializes in small moves


Sterling Van Lines has moved thousands of families across millions of miles. Our goal is to build our services around the individual needs of each customer, whether you’re moving your home or office, or just a few pieces. The following are Frequently Asked Questions about Sterling Van Lines and our moving services. If your question is not covered, feel free to contact us.

What is Sterling Van Lines?

America’s Small Move Specialists, Sterling Van Lines is the leader in small moves nationwide. At Sterling Van Lines we’ve moved thousands of families across millions of miles. Since opening our doors, we’ve built a solid reputation of caring for things you care about most. Staying true to this tradition has been good for our customers and good for our business. All full service moves have guaranteed prices for the items you list. Our commitment is manifested in our trained and dedicated staff, our state of the art facility, our complete range of services, and by the experiences we pack into every move. See About Us.

Why use Sterling Van Lines?

Sterling Van Lines is the affordable alternative for small moves. We do not have a 1,000 or 2,100 pound minimum — you are charged only for what you have. There is a very small minimum, but it is significantly smaller than the usual 2,100 pound minimum of most van lines.

How do I know Sterling Van Lines is a dependable company?

Sterling Van Lines is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association’s list of Certified Movers with over 30,000 moves of similar nature. We are also a member of the California Moving and Storage Association. These organizations allow membership only to trustworthy moving companies with a track record of good and ethical customer service. The largest percentage of our customers are from referrals and repeat business. Read some of our client’s feedback, or call the California Public Utilities Commission at (our license number is Cal P.U.C. .T 189566).

Is Sterling a Van Line?

First, what is a Van Line? defines it as a transportation company that uses large motor vans for the long-distance moving of household effects. Layman’s terms: long-distance routes (i.e., Los Angeles to Ohio, and more)

Sterling Van Lines owns and operates their own van lines but also does local. See About Us.

All moving companies have trucks and warehouses. It’s the people that make the difference. At Sterling Van Lines, we train our people to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers; this is how we determine what is important to you. Then we take advantage of a sophisticated communication and information management system that allows us to coordinate all the details that go into making your move a successful one.

How does Sterling Van Lines work?

We treat your move just as if you had a large load — with blanket wrap, padded van and inside delivery. We also do packaged freight to many hard to get to and out of the way places. Ask your sales representative which of these two different options would work best for you. You may save money using packaged freight.

How does Sterling define “packing”?

You may have heard horror stories of hundreds of dollars being added to moving costs because the moving company has re-defined the word “packing”. Packing means placing items in boxes with packing material and securing the items in the box so that they are protected. Proper packing helps to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition. This requires skill and is a charged for service.

Blanketing and padding, on the other hand, are part of standard service in the moving industry. This service is performed for furniture and is not charged for — it is part of your service. Lately, some newer moving companies have been found to charge customers for standard blanket wrapping and shrink wrapping that should come as part of your normal service. The moral of the story: read the fine print and ask questions!

How does Sterling Van Lines calculate the cost of moving?

Your cost is based on the items that you wish to move. All costs for blanket wrap moves are guaranteed. You name the items, we tell you how much it will cost to move those items. If you add items the cost will be adjusted. If you delete items your cost will also be adjusted.

Do you ship cars?

Thanks for asking! Yes, Sterling Van Lines does move automobiles. Just ask your Sterling representative at (800) 264-6313.

Suppose I pack myself?

Why not? This is a good way to cut down on your moving expense. However, before you purchase a lot of coverage for your move, make sure to let your Sterling representative know what you want to do. Packing your own items limits the liability of the carrier. If you are going to spend money on coverage you may want the carrier to pack your items.

I don’t really need to insure, do I?

Sterling Van Lines itself is insured. Your move will come with a small amount of basic coverage free of charge; generally it is $0.60 per pound per article. On large items this may be enough to cover simple damage. On small items it is probably not enough to cover very much.

Sterling Van Lines’ claims ratio is well below the national average, but claims do happen even to the best moving companies. It is not very expensive to have good coverage for your important possessions, and we recommend coverage for those. There are also some things that no one will cover, like the mechanical condition of your TV. You do not want to waste your money but there is also such a thing as peace of mind. Ask your Sterling representative about coverage and which program would be the wisest use of your money.

How long is this journey going to take?

This depends on the method of shipment you are using. Packaged freight is usually 14 days or less and can be as little as 5 days. Blanket wrap shipments for small loads average 11-14 days but it can take longer depending on your destination. This can be known by asking your Sterling representative.

How will I know when my things are coming?

The dispatcher will be calling days ahead of time to make arrangements for you to receive your belongings. This will not be a surprise. If you are worried, please call our toll free number (800) 264-6313 and ask for dispatch. They will have an answer for you.

What if I want to store my items?

Sterling Van Lines provides clean, secure, individualized vaulted storage. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art electronic surveillance and armed guard security. Our storage rates are among the most affordable in Southern California.

Does Sterling Van Lines ship overseas?

Yes we do. We can provide full residential delivery to most international locations. You may also have a ” to the port” or “to the terminal” delivery.

Does Sterling Van Lines accept credit cards?

Yes we do. We can accept any credit card. We will also accept postal money orders from your post office or cash. Usually payment is made at the time of pick up but payment on delivery is also an option depending on the type of shipment you have. All packaged freight items must be paid for before delivery.

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Nothing but excellent things to say about Sterling Van Lines! Moving is stressful enough -- Sterling Van Lines definitely made the process easier for us!B.P. Small Move
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They moved a very old 1886 Steinway Baby Grand across the country and they did a wonderful job. Sterling had the best price as well. Tim D. Piano Move
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Sterling moved some antiques from PA to NV for my family. My main concern was that the pieces arrive intact and in good shape, and they certainly did.Shani C. Antique Move
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