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We do not offer intrastate moves unless in California.

Moving is never easy. There are a lot of complications involved with a change of address. Sterling Van Lines has been the leading pioneer for 30 years in the moving industry and specializes in small moves

Expert Estate Movers

Sterling estate movers are experts at organizing the items needing to be moved. When the decision is made to divide an estate between family members, an estate mover helps categorize the items and move them to their intended destination.

Sterling estate movers handle the estate move by making an inventory for each set of items and separate each set into small shipments going to each of the designated locations. Each small estate move is tagged and inventoried with its own set of documents. You only pay for the items in each shipment. This can save you potentially thousands of dollars.

What Is An Estate Move?

In the moving industry, the term “estate movers” refers to the act of distributing (or sending) the household goods of a home out to various other locations. Sterling Van Lines’ estate movers will make moving your estate distribution valuables a worry-free move.

Each of these separate small estate moves is treated as a small move. The pieces are blanketed, packed and protected and sent out on our vans to arrive at their separate destinations with full inside delivery. Sterling estate movers ensure a worry free move.

Here is an example of an estate mover service:

  1. An estate in San Francisco sends a chair and table to Denver, a sofa and bookcase to Atlanta and a bedroom set to New York.
  2. In this estate move, each of these locations is a separate shipment.
  3. Each of the shipments is significantly less than 1,000 pounds, the normal minimum limit for moving services.
  4. If you had to pay for a 1,000 or 2,000 pound minimum shipment for each, you would pay a lot more than what you are actually shipping.

We are very good at dealing with estates and figuring out how to ship all the different items to various locations. We have dealt with family members looking to have certain things shipped to a city in another state.

Sterling has even been hired by the State of California to deal with situations where someone was arrested for drug trafficking and we had to move items to another location, often a storage facility.

Delivery of Heirlooms

If you have different items going to separate locations, each object has its own unique packing and delivery requirements. Shipping priceless heirloom furniture has particular demands. Depending on availability, some items will be shipped at different times. We work it out for everyone’s benefit establishing plans for each individual shipment.

With Sterling, you only pay for what is being shipped (once you’ve met the low minimum of 400 pounds). We work with you to coordinate the shipment of all the heirlooms and precious items.

Why Choose Sterling Van Lines?

With a California license and a long-distance license (state to state), Sterling is your best choice to take care of your personal belongings, those precious items, anywhere in California and throughout the U.S. Our friendly and trained staff have been taking care of people like you for 30 years and will do the same for you, ensuring your items are well taken care of, regardless of their destinations. We move what you need to ship the way it deserves to be properly taken care of.

Sterling Van Lines specializes in small moves within 90 miles in the Los Angeles area or from state to state (within the 48 continental states). For example, you can ship a piano from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Kansas or New York. Sterling can pick up items from any state and deliver it to another state. It can be one piece or several items. The minimum is 400 pounds, far less than most other moving companies. However, Sterling cannot deliver intrastate meaning locally within a state (other than California). Intrastate refers to moves that begin and end in the same state.

At Sterling, we customize every one of our moves as it pertains to each customer. We deliver anywhere in the U.S. even in isolated areas. We go to places that other companies will not go. We are often the only source available to ship fragile items such as pianos anywhere in the U.S. We’re unique in what we do. And we make it personal because your items are important to you and your family.

Our staff has been taking care of people’s belongings for 30 years and knows what it takes to get it to your destination in a safe and secure manner. We take care to pack it properly and ship it safely by getting all the details. For example, will there be stairs at the location? What kind of stairs? How wide? Can it fit through the door? If it’s an item like a sofa, what kind, how big and how wide? We care to take care of you and your precious cargo. We take care of the things that are important to our customers.

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