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We do not offer intrastate moves unless in California.

There can be lot of complications involved with moving fine art such as precious paintings and sculptures. Sterling Van Lines has been the leading pioneer for 30 years in the moving industry and specializes in transporting unique items and artwork for museums, galleries, and private collectors.

We Specialize In Luxurious Items

Sterling Van Lines is an art moving company that specializes in the handling and shipping of professional art pieces, paintings, statues, chandeliers, and other precious, luxurious and collectible items.

For more than 30 years, we have been trusted by museums such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, auction houses, galleries and estates to take care of sensitive materials and deliver them safely to a specific destination. Our dedicated team of art movers deal with different size and weight and ensures every item is prepared safely and with care for delivery.

Fine Art Movers

Moving art definitely requires special care to ensure your valuable pieces arrive intact at your destination. Art pieces are objects that need to be packaged in a specific way using durable packing products. Paintings and prints can be packed in an artwork or mirror box. For larger and heavier artwork, we can create a wooden crate as a protective shell to help keep your artwork safe during shipping.

The staff at Sterling take the necessary precautions to properly protect your precious pieces. These items need to be moved and packed properly. The unique items are often added last after everything has been placed in our delivery truck and the first objects to be taken out of the vehicle.

At Sterling Van Lines, we make sure that your item is settled in as safely as possible. Once we arrive at your new location, we do a thorough inventory and ensure everything is intact and in the same condition. We put care into properly packing your items. We know how much it means to you.

Unique Items

Sterling Van Lines personnel are experts at moving and protecting your special, unique and out-of-the-ordinary items. Many people are scared to ship fragile items because they are old and often brittle. They can break when you pick them up. These items need to be moved and packed properly. Sometimes, we create a customized crate so it does not get damage during shipping.

In fact, here is a fascinating story that the staff of Sterling experienced back about 20 years ago. We were asked to move a huge piece of glass from California to Canada. It was ten feet long, five feet wide and a quarter of an inch thick. Six men were required to lift it. So, how could the staff move this huge piece of glass to Canada without breaking it? A customized wooden crate was built with a framework involving garage door springs on which the glass piece was hung so that it “floated” in the air inside the truck all the way to Canada. The glass arrived at its destination in perfect condition. No wonder the Canadians were impressed with the ingenuity of the staff at Sterling.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Sterling Professional Art Movers

When it comes to moving art pieces and ensuring the safe delivery of your unique items, Sterling Van Lines has a dedicated staff of fine art movers that have been trusted by museums and auction houses for over 30 years.

  1. Air-ride suspension to smooth out the ride
  2. Can handle heavy and oddly-shaped items
  3. Cost-effective in shipping only what you need
  4. Customized crate designed specifically for your items
  5. Customized service: from an estate, we can deliver different items to various locations
  6. Delivers throughout California and from state to state in the continental U.S.
  7. Direct pickup and delivery
  8. Experienced art movers, proven time and time again, in the relocation of fine art items
  9. High-quality packing materials used for shipping
  10. Worry-free loading and unloading

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Why Choose Sterling Van Lines?

As an art moving company, Sterling Van Lines specializes in moving art pieces anywhere in California or from state to state within the continental U.S. For example, you can ship a piece of art from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Kansas or New York. Sterling can pick up any unique item, or several pieces, from any state and deliver it to another state. Sterling does not deliver intrastate meaning locally within a state (other than California). Intrastate refers to a delivery that begins and ends in the same state.

At Sterling, we customize every one of our moves as it pertains to each customer. We are fine art movers and deliver to places most other companies will not ship to. We are often the only source available to ship fragile items anywhere in the U.S. We’re unique, and deliver unique items because we make it our business to deliver precious items that are important to you and your family.

Our friendly and trained staff have taken care of people like you for 30 years and can do the same for you. We move what you need to ship the way it deserves to be properly taken care of. At Sterling, we take pride in being professional art movers getting your art pieces to its destination in a safe and secure manner. We take care to pack it properly and ship it safely and give you the best delivery service for your precious cargo.

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Nothing but excellent things to say about Sterling Van Lines! Moving is stressful enough -- Sterling Van Lines definitely made the process easier for us!B.P. Small Move
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They moved a very old 1886 Steinway Baby Grand across the country and they did a wonderful job. Sterling had the best price as well. Tim D. Piano Move
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Sterling moved some antiques from PA to NV for my family. My main concern was that the pieces arrive intact and in good shape, and they certainly did.Shani C. Antique Move
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