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Moving is never easy. There are a lot of complications involved with a change of address. Sterling Van Lines has been the leading pioneer for 30 years in the moving industry and specializes in small moves

Types of Moving Services


There are several different types of moving services, based on the needs of each person. Let’s take a look at the details of each and how they are handled.

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What To Do Before, During And After A Flood


Floods are devastating natural disasters. The worst part of floods is the long period of time that it takes for the water to recede so recovery can begin. Floods can kill you so you have to plan to be safe.

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How To Prepare Your Items When Doing Long Term Storage


Whether you are looking to store memorabilia or collectibles, or you are planning to do some remodeling or even relocate, you just need to keep your valued items protected. It’s a good idea to take the time to properly prepare them especially if you are planning to store your belongings in long term storage.

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Advice: How to Be Safe When Moving


People are overtaken with the idea of super-human, super-hero idealism when tasked with moving home or office on their own. Nothing could be less short-sighted, and more rife with bad consequences.

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5 Tips for Beating The Heat During A Summer Move


The summer months are upon us and for those of us who have decided to move during this time of year, beating the heat and remaining safe can be especially difficult. If you are planning on moving during the balmiest season of the year, be sure to read on and learn more about the following helpful tips, so that you can stay cool and safe.

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How To Move Out From Your College Dorm


Wrapping up a year of college can be a bittersweet time. On one hand, you’re able to finally put aside the rigors of studying and enjoy some rest and relaxation with your friends and family back home. On the other, you’ll need to pack up all of your belongings and memories from the recent school year, too. Read on to learn more about five helpful tips that will make the process much simpler.

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Unpacking Tips


While most of us tend to see the actual process of moving as the hardest part of a relocation, unpacking tends to be quite difficult, since we do not lay the proper groundwork before the move or take the proper steps after a move. With these helpful unpacking tips, you can easily organize and unpack all of your belongings and reduce the amount of time spent on this arduous task.

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Moving Out After A Break Up


A break up is already a difficult process and it becomes even more challenging when you have been sharing a residence with your former significant other. Calling a moving company is the logical first step and those who are tasked with this unwanted dilemma would do well to keep these five things in mind.

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Things to Keep In Mind When Moving With Pets


Moving day can be incredibly stressful, especially for those who have pets. Luckily, we’ve prepared a helpful list of things to keep in mind, so that you can make your next move with your pets without all of the anxiety and tension.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Long Distance


Moving can be a tough, especially when you’re moving out of state. Moving to another state is basically like moving to another country. Although the thought of it can be daunting, with the proper planning and the right checklist everything will go smooth.

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Tips for Moving in Bad Weather


Moving can be stressful and tiring, especially when it’s accompanied by bad weather. Lousy weather isn’t only annoying, but it can also get in the way of your plans.

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Get Organized! Avoid Losing Items During Your Move


Moving to a new home is great – but the process itself is a daunting task. The worst part is that something always gets lost. No matter how careful you are something is always misplaced or left behind.

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Things to Look for When Hiring a Good Moving Service


Moving is a big deal. It takes time, energy and most importantly – requires professionals, so a reliable moving service. You need to know that your things will arrive safely at your new location. Finding a moving service company sounds pretty straightforward, but in practice it isn’t. You can’t let just anyone pack and move your stuff. How do you know who to trust with your most valuable possessions?

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Tips for Moving During Holidays


Though the word “holiday” may sound pleasing and full of joy, moving during the holidays can be difficult task. In this joyful season, most people still are able to find time to move. So if you want to move during the holidays, we recommend these tips to make your holiday move a pleasant one.

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Things to Do When Moving


First, congrats on finding a new place. This might be your first time moving or you are a professional mover, either ways, discovering ways to make it more efficient and headache-free is exactly what everyone needs. Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead, whether it’s to research for movers, request a quote to figure your budget, having to DIY packing/ hiring someone to do it, or transportation options (i.e., renting a truck or booking a moving company). Either ways, you will thank yourself for giving yourself plenty of time to do all the above and more. Typically, give yourself two months before your move date to prepare.

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What is an Estate Move?


An estate move, simply put, is a move with one pickup and multiple deliveries. It can be that your downsizing and you want to send items to friends and family throughout the country. Sometimes the situation can be very unpleasant, like the passing of a family member. In any event, it usually is left up to one person to figure out how to get these precious pieces to people in different locations. Here at Sterling Van Lines our staff understands how difficult this can be. From the first phone call to the final delivery, we are with you every step of the way. We try and make it as simple as possible.

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To Move or Not to Move?


During your decluttering stage, you will notice that you’ve accumulated so many things. Some useful, some not so much but nonetheless you will be moving your belongings. Just how much of it will be up to you.

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What is a Small Moves Moving Company?


Sterling Van Lines has been the leading pioneer for over 20 years in the small moves, moving industry. What qualifies moves to be small moves? Anything 2000 pounds or less, qualifies as a small move. For example, if you have a piano that weighs 600lbs and that’s the only item you will be moving or you have 1500lbs of moving boxes packed with some furniture. That’s perfect! We try our hardest to accommodate and customize your move the way you want it so even if it’s over 2000lbs, we can move you, anywhere but we specialize in moving partial loads locally and nationwide.

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Small Move Testimonial
Nothing but excellent things to say about Sterling Van Lines! Moving is stressful enough -- Sterling Van Lines definitely made the process easier for us!B.P. Small Move
Piano Move Testimonial
They moved a very old 1886 Steinway Baby Grand across the country and they did a wonderful job. Sterling had the best price as well. Tim D. Piano Move
Antique Move Testimonial
Sterling moved some antiques from PA to NV for my family. My main concern was that the pieces arrive intact and in good shape, and they certainly did.Shani C. Antique Move
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